RepAir Teams Up With Cella For Innovative DAC Initiative In Kenya

RepAir Teams Up With Cella For Innovative DAC Initiative In Kenya - Carbon Herald

RepAir, a leading company specializing in direct air capture (DAC), has joined forces with Cella, a CO2 storage tech company based in New York, to introduce a groundbreaking carbon removal and storage project in Kenya. 

This collaboration aims to develop processes for removing carbon from the air and storing it permanently underground using in-situ mineralization.

The DAC solution by RepAir employs exclusive electrochemical cell technology, using 70% less energy compared to other competitors. This efficient, scalable, and economical method is expected to remove carbon at around $50 per ton on a large scale.

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Once the carbon dioxide is captured, the partnership will employ Cella‘s unique mineralization storage technique, which converts CO2 into rock below ground. This procedure will guarantee a secure and long-lasting storage of carbon at an economically viable rate and with minimal harm to the environment.

This agreement for storage will simplify the process of selling premium carbon credits to buyers, allowing companies to adhere to changing ESG guidelines, handle offset requirements, and make progress towards achieving net-zero objectives.

The DAC unit and CO2 storage facility will be situated next to Cella’s first demonstration project in the Kenyan Rift Valley, and the project, which will be located alongside geothermal energy production, will run entirely on renewable energy sources.

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The partnership between RepAir and Cella reflects a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and climate action. By combining expertise and resources, the two organizations aim to drive innovation and impact in the field of carbon removal and storage.

Spokespersons from both RepAir and Cella expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the chance to foster mutual growth through this collaboration.

Apart from their first project in Kenya, both companies are actively seeking more chances to work together, demonstrating their commitment to technological progress and promoting environmentally conscious practices.

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