Removr To Apply Digital Tools To Optimize The Scaling Of Its DAC Technology

Removr To Apply Digital Tools To Optimize The Scaling Of Its DAC Technology - Carbon Herald
Credit: Removr

Removr – a leading direct air capture (DAC) technology company, announced a new collaboration agreement with Billington Process Technology AS (BPT) – a world-leading provider of simulator-based digital solutions.

The agreement is for the use of digital products that will optimize Removr’s direct air capture development and de-risk the company’s planned project deployments. Those digital products include the development of a digital simulation model (digital twin) – a tool that optimizes technology processes and delineates the appropriate scaling steps to building efficient and sustainable DAC plants at the megaton removal levels, as explained by Removr CEO Chi Chow.

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The tools will be applied for the validation and optimization from both design and operational perspective of the scaled DAC plants before construction and installation of any physical assets.

Some of the solutions provided by Billington Process Technology are digital twin and lifecycle simulator, expected to accelerate and improve the accuracy of Removr’s planning, engineering, commissioning and operation activities. They will be used for the following purposes: 

  • Conceptual simulation and validation of carbon capture process
  • Design verification and process system optimization
  • Control system design and validation
  • Optimization of size and functionality of key equipment
  • Establishing realistic training environments for operational personnel
  • Preparations for commissioning and desktop plant startup
  • Simulation of autonomous, unmanned operations

The company expects to achieve significant time and cost savings as a result of their implementation.

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