remove Announces Next 20 Startups To Join Its Accelerator Program

remove Announces Next 20 Startups To Join Its Accelerator Program - Carbon Herald

Carbon removal accelerator remove has just announced the next 20 early stage startups that will join its program. 

The new cohort is largely made up of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) pioneers, with 16 of the batch demonstrating novel approaches and technologies. 

The remaining startups are making use of and further developing existing technologies, whereas one is directing its efforts towards CDR enablement.

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Of all carbon removal methods represented in the new cohort, the most prevalent is biochar, followed closely by direct air carbon capture and storage (DAC+S) and bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS).

In a comment on the latest cohort, Marian Krueger Co-Founder & Managing Director at remove, said: “The CDR startups founded now will be the group of companies supplying the volumes of CO2 removal pivotal in helping businesses and governments to realise their net zero goals, and to meet global climate targets. 

This is a huge challenge, and the sheer scale of the carbon removals we will need cannot be underestimated. In order to realise the required growth curves, this sector needs more investment and stronger policy support to help fund the start-ups and founders with solutions which can scale quickly. At remove, we’re seeking to drive this sector forward, channeling investment and expertise to founders to help them to go from launch to growth as fast as possible.”

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The full list of 20 start-ups to enter foundations are:

  • Calcin8 Technologies Limited (UK): Soil Carbon Sequestration
  • Blusink (UK): Blue Carbon Management
  • HyveGeo (UK): Biochar Carbon Removal
  • CO2CO (UK): Biochar Carbon Removal
  • ExoCarbon (UK): Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Rement (DE): Enhanced Weathering
  • PyroCCS GmbH (DE): MRV
  • EcoLocked GmbH (DE): Biochar Carbon Removal
  • RubisCO2 (DE): Biochar Carbon Removal
  • RECOAL (CH): Terrestrial Biomass Storage
  • Qaptis (CH): Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Arrhenius (CH): Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Underground Forest (NL): Terrestrial Biomass Storage
  • Brineworks B.V. (NL): Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement
  • Octavia Carbon (KEN): Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Limenet (IT): Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement
  • Ulysses Ecosystem Engineering (IE): Blue Carbon Management
  • Olivine Tech Group Ltd (IE): Enhanced Weathering
  • Captur Tower (ES): Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage 
  • Yama (FR): Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage
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