remove Accelerator Announces New Cohort Of European CDR Startups

remove Accelerator Announces New Cohort Of European CDR Startups - Carbon Herald

The remove Accelerator just announced its fourth cohort of 20 European carbon dioxide removal (CDR) startups. 

As per the official announcement from remove, the accelerator received a high number of impressive applications for its latest program, making the process of consideration a very competitive one. 

Finally, after diligent sorting through applicants, the remove Accelerator is ready with the 20 most promising new companies in the field of CDR.

Namely, the startups announced are: Airhive, AirZyme, Carbominer, Carbonaide, Carbon Universe, CarpeCarbon, castor (, Ctrl+z, Dowmann (, Dutch Carboneers, Everest Carbon, Floating Carbon, Gyr Direct Air Capture, PLANET (Alessandro Villa), Pure Carbon Blue, Reverse Carbon Mining Project, Sirona Technologies, Terra Preta, Tierra-Foods Ltd, and WiLD Hydrogen.

By being accepted into the accelerator program, the 20 new startups will gain access to a range of benefits that will help propel them on their journey to further developing and scaling their climate solutions. 

The remove Accelerator will offer these budding companies access to experts, buyers, investors and other stakeholders in the industry, as well as one-on-one coaching and other forms of training and support. 

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The announcement is of great importance, given that remove is the one and only accelerator of its kind in Europe, designed to support early-stage CDR startups and help bring about meaningful impact on climate change. 

Carbon removal is one of the pillars of climate action and has been emphasized by the IPCC as a crucial component to limiting global warming, in addition to curbing CO2 emissions. 

Hence, there is a pressing need to support the development of novel approaches to CDR and help these scale quickly in order to achieve gigaton scale. 

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