Recapture And ANEC Team Up To Scale Net Zero Consultancy

Recapture And ANEC Team Up To Scale Net Zero Consultancy - Carbon Herald

The Applied Negative Emissions Centre – the net zero consultancy firm helping organizations achieve their climate goals and Recapture – the carbon capture projects developer, are collaborating to assist companies in eliminating their scope 3 emissions. 

As scope 3 emissions are hard to abate, the two companies provide large corporations and organizations with profitable and scalable carbon removal options which ensure ethical and trustworthy progress towards achieving net-zero targets. 

“After the release of the IPCC’s most recent report, it is even more evident the need for collaborative, ethical and scalable carbon removal solutions, such as Recapture’s one. We need this innovation to be widely adopted, to get to where we need to be in terms of carbon removal and negative emissions. We are looking forward to showcasing future impactful projects developed through this partnership.” said Karen Rossell, Managing Director of the Applied Negative Emissions Centre. 

The first step in this collaboration is forming a climate strategy that works for stakeholders. ANEC’s contribution lies in its expertise in guiding companies, institutions, and local governments and in its profitable strategic climate process. 

The company’s processes towards carbon neutrality chart a clear path to tackling Scope 3 Emissions and shorten the way towards net zero operations for emitters in hard-to-abate industries.

Recapture, on the other hand, develops systems-designed carbon removal projects for emitters that can remove 10 times more CO2 than natural solutions. Recapture’s projects remove the company’s own carbon footprint while earning financial returns for the company via climate-smart forestry, sustainable timber harvesting, and a financial mechanism for direct air capture.

Some key elements of the partnership include providing some of those negative emissions pathways like sustainable timber and direct air capture. Climate-smart forestry for example provides financial opportunities with guaranteed investment returns upon the first harvest starting in the fifth year after the project investment. 

The two companies also ensure the ethics of carbon offset projects offering clients verified carbon removal. Furthermore, they support local communities in South America through the profits created by projects.

The partnership between ANEC and Recapture is coming at times when the corporate world is in a need of finding the correct pathways of addressing its carbon emissions. Ethical and scalable carbon dioxide removal solutions are an exciting business opportunity due to the rapidly increasing demand.

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