Radisson Blu Mall Installs CarbinX Carbon Capture Unit 

Radisson Blu Mall Installs CarbinX™ Carbon Capture Unit - Carbon Herald

CenterPoint Energy and Radisson Blu Mall of America announced on March 28 the installation of CarbinX, a CO2 capture unit developed by CleanO2. The hotel is the first in the world to use the technology that captures emissions from heating equipment. The installation is part of a program by CenterPoint Energy to explore innovative, cleaner energy technologies.

The CarbinX device, which is approximately the size of two home refrigerators, gets connected directly to the duct of the hotel’s natural gas water heating equipment. It then cap­­tures CO2 and turns it into pearl ash, a non-toxic carbonate powder. 

CleanO2 collects the pearl ash and recycles it for use in commercial products – such as detergents – that are sold in the U.S. and Canada. 

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Radisson Blu Mall of America is also expecting reduced energy costs as the CarbinX technology recycles heat and thus increases efficiency in the water heating system to save energy and bring down costs.

CenterPoint Energy is introducing the CarbinX technology as part of a pilot program with 10 of its commercial customers in the state of Minnesota. The company considers including CarbinX installations in its first five-year innovation plan under the Natural Gas Innovation Act, a Minnesotan energy legislation. 

“We are thrilled to be leading the way to the future of hospitality stewardship,” said Alberto Abreu, General Manager of Radisson Blu Mall of America. “We at Radisson Blu Mall of America and Choice Hotels International are committed to being part of the climate change solution, and we are proud to be a leader in the industry as the first hotel in the world to install a CarbinX unit.”

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