PwC Becomes A Signatory Of The Carbon Call

PwC Becomes A Signatory Of The Carbon Call - Carbon Herald

PwC announced June 5th that it has become a signatory of The Carbon Call – the initiative that wants to improve the carbon accounting systems globally. 

PwC will assist the organization in addressing issues and gaps with measurement, reporting, and verification of greenhouse gas emissions and removal, primarily for the corporate sector. 

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The Carbon Call was launched in 2022 by the environmental philanthropy platform ClimateWorks Foundation with the goal of mobilizing companies to report their emissions regularly, transparently, and comprehensively. 

More than 683 companies, 136 countries and 234 cities have made pledges to reach net-zero carbon emissions. However, without a system for monitoring and reporting emissions and progress on reducing them, those pledges would be difficult to translate into tangible results. 

Additionally, without carbon removals being followed up closely and kept a track of, carbon offset credits used to mitigate corporate emissions could become fruitless. 

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The Carbon Call is not aiming to build a ledger for reporting emissions but rather it will aid efforts that do. Right now the organization has included 20 major players along with Microsoft. It focuses mainly on carbon removals and land sector, methane, and indirect emissions. 

PwC is one of the companies to join the list of global corporations that are committed to the development of reliable and interoperable carbon accounting. 

“If we are to achieve the pace and scale of action required to tackle climate change we need collective action and investment from businesses across the world,” said Emma Cox, Global Climate Leader at PwC.

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