Putting Oil Back Underground With Charm Industrial – Live Event!

Solid Carbon: Integrated Offshore DAC x Permanent Storage - Live Event! - Carbon Herald

Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Charm Industrial is this week’s guest on “This is CDR”. He’ll tell us more about the partnerships with Microsoft, Shopify and Stripe, as well as the company’s carbon removal technology which generates bio-oil and pumps it for sequestration deep underground.

The event will be live on November 8th, 2021, at 1pm ET. Click this link to register and join.

Peter Reinhardt is CEO and co-founder at Charm Industrial, where they are developing novel carbon removal and renewable industrial syngas technology. He is also CEO and co-founder at Segment, a SaaS customer data platform which grew to 600 people before it was acquired by Twilio in 2020. He previously studied aerospace engineering at MIT.

The Open Air Collective launched a series of webinars focused on carbon capture technology and carbon dioxide removal earlier in 2021 and has now had over ten guests from across the carbon capture, utilization and removal spectrum. Here is the previous episode with Running Tide CEO Marty Odlin, who talked about growing kelp for carbon sequestration.

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