Puro.earth To Take Off Expiry Date From Its Carbon Removals

Puro.earth Releases New Report Showing The Rapid Growth Of The Carbon Removal Market - Carbon Herald

Puro.earth, the world’s leading carbon crediting program focused on durable carbon removals, announced it will be removing the expiry dates from all Puro Standard CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs).

That means the period of which carbon dioxide removals are valid and translate into a ton of CO2 eliminated from the atmosphere, will no longer be shown on the certificates. The modification will apply to all Puro Standard CORCs that were not yet retired as of June 1st, 2023.

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According to Puro’s announcement, the move comes as a result of investors’ and buyers’ feedback that finds the previous approach, which included an expiration period for ex-post durable carbon, as limiting.

Puro.earth has created the world’s first Registry for carbon dioxide removals and has developed the first carbon removal standard, the Puro Standard, for engineered carbon removal methods like biochar, construction materials and direct air capture and storage, boosting the reliability and transparency of the voluntary carbon removal market.

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It focuses on durable CO2 removal that requires a minimum of 100 years of durability of the stored carbon. The move is said to be not compromising on the positive climate impact that the CORCs deliver.

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