Puro.earth Launches Public Offset Registry For Engineered CO2 Removals

Puro.earth Launches Public Offset Registry For Engineered CO2 Removals - Carbon Removal

Carbon removal marketplace Puro.earth announced yesterday that its public registry for engineered CO2 removal projects is live.

The eponymous Puro Registry comes at a point where many have questioned the validity and transparency of carbon offsets, as well as the intentions of those offering and using them.

The Finnish company’s registry aims to avoid the double counting of emissions and the difficult traceability of carbon dioxide removal initiatives by assigning a unique identifier to each of their CORCs (Carbon Dioxide Removal Certificates).

These tags won’t be able to change hands after the CORC gets “retired,” which happens when a beneficiary makes a decarbonization pledge equal to a CORCs CO2 sequestration properties.

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Third parties will have access to the registry, providing transparency and the ability to verify if client claims are backed up by tangible carbon removal projects.

Among the projects that will be included on the platform there will be solutions using biochar, construction materials and soil amendments, as well as purer engineering approaches like direct air capture.

The head of CO2 removal supply at Puro.earth, Marianne Tikkanen commented on the importance of trust for carbon offsets by saying: “During the transition period from carbon offsets to removals, it is the media and the general public that will validate the truthfulness of corporate claims,” she said. “Now you can go to registry.puro.earth and verify these claims for yourself by searching for corporates that have made carbon removal claims based on CO2 removal certificates (CORCs).”

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The Puro Registry comes roughly six months after a signigificant investment from Nasdaq in Puro.earth. The funds allowed the Finnish outfit to focus on the transparency of the project which will be key in its scaling and carbon removal impact.

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