Puro.earth CORCs To Be Traded On Xpansiv Exchange Platform

Puro.earth CORCs Could Now Be Traded On Xpansiv Exchange Platform - Carbon Herald
Credit: Xpansiv, Puro.earth

Two carbon removal market players are teaming up to expand the reach and price transparency of carbon credits. Puro.earth – the world’s first and leading carbon crediting platform for engineered carbon removal, and Xpansiv – running the largest spot exchange for carbon credits trading, announced on July 25th that Puro.earth CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) will be listed for trading on Xpansiv spot marketplace CBL.

CBL is a global exchange platform for transacting energy and environmental commodity products like carbon, renewable energy, water, and natural gas. The platform allows users to trade voluntary carbon credits, renewable energy certificates (REC), and other environmental commodities.

According to Antti Vihavainen, CEO of Puro.earth, as Puro is focused to establish the least disputable methodologies for carbon removals, there have been relatively small volumes of available credits for the first years, as a result.

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“Now that several new projects are orders of magnitude larger than previously, CBL’s central position in the carbon markets will be critical in enhancing transparent price discovery and liquidity formation, enabling participants to engage with greater certainty and confidence,” he adds.

The carbon removal suppliers, part of the Puro.earth ecosystem are 116 and another 600 companies are in the supplier funnel preparing to get certified. The partnership with Xpansiv will lead to increased reach, price transparency, and availability of carbon credit portfolios to be traded and managed through the platform by exchange participants. 

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“We welcome Puro.earth as a valued partner bringing to market innovative carbon removal projects… Our exchange participants are keen to incorporate removals into their credit portfolios and look forward to trading and managing them through our platform,” said John Melby, CEO of Xpansiv.

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