PSM, Thomassen Energy And Hanwha Power Systems Achieve Record Hydrogen Use In Gas Turbine Power Plant

PSM, Thomassen Energy And Hanwha Power Systems Achieve Record Hydrogen Use In Gas Turbine Power Plant - Carbon Herald

PSM, Thomassen Energy and Hanwha Power Systems, jointly and in collaboration with Hanwha portfolio peer companies in Korea, shattered an industry record, successfully operating a Frame 7E gas turbine with a 60% hydrogen blend. The turbine ran at baseload condition, dry, achieving single-digit ppm emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO), an industry first.

PSM‘s FlameSheet™ retrofit combustion system delivers industry-record 60% hydrogen fuel blend with single-digit emissions in 80MW heavy-duty frame gas turbineFlameSheet™ combustor allows a variable blend of hydrogen and natural gas, paving the way to fully decarbonized, dispatchable, and responsive power.

This result was achieved with PSM’s commercially proven FlameSheet™ Combustor Platform, an upgrade available for the worldwide installed fleets of B-, E- and F-Class gas turbines. The FlameSheet™ combustor delivers unsurpassed fuel optionality, operational flexibility, and emissions performance with optimized life cycle maintenance costs.

“Power producers around the world have commitments to reduce carbon emissions and must deliver a balance between affordability, reliability, and sustainability,” said Alex Hoffs, President of PSM, and global leader of Hanwha’s gas turbine businesses. “Our FlameSheet™ upgrade allows our customers to deliver on those commitments using existing gas turbine assets.”

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A decommissioned Frame 7E gas turbine-generator package was relocated and refurbished for a purpose-built power plant in Daesan, South Korea. The power plant was built within a petrochemical site jointly owned by Hanwha and TotalEnergies.

The turbine utilized a mixture of natural gas, hydrogen and hydrogen-containing gas from the facility, operating at base load with 60% hydrogen by volume. Fuel delivery was provided by a proprietary designed blending system enabling turbine testing at even higher volumes in the near future.

“Today’s installed fleet of gas turbine power plants can complement and balance the growing reliance on solar and wind power, which are by nature intermittent,” said Jeff Benoit, Vice President of PSM’s Clean Energy Solutions. “Turbines are efficient, responsive, and reliable. With PSM’s upgrades, existing gas turbines are now on the path to becoming carbon-free and, essentially, future-proof.”

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