French Association For Negative Emissions Officially Launched

Press Release: Official Launch Of The French Association For Negative Emissions - Carbon Herald

The French Association for Negative Emissions (AFEN) officially launches on April 4, 2024, with the aim of accelerating the development of carbon dioxide elimination technologies in France. At its launch, this pioneering initiative brings together over 30 diverse members: developers of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects and technologies, buyers, investors and partners committed to building a French CDR industry.

The imperative of CO2 elimination

The French Association for Negative Emissions is based first and foremost on a scientific consensus: the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stresses that to limit global warming to well below 2°C, a rapid and drastic reduction in emissions is crucial. But this will have to be complemented by the removal of between 4 and 16 billion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year, in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

The time has come for France to play a leading role in eliminating CO2

France is the world’s sixth largest economy and a leader in innovation and technology. The French government’s commitment to stimulating global and local climate action, illustrated by France’s involvement in international agreements and the French Climate and Energy Strategy, underlines the country’s potential to pioneer solutions. Against this backdrop, a diversified CDR portfolio will be needed to realize France’s ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, given a declining forest carbon sink whose capacity is threatened by the very effects of climate change.

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The time has come for global action: the United States has already put in place a number of mechanisms to support the industry through funding programs, tax incentives and public procurement schemes, and Germany is looking into the possibility of including CDR in its national climate strategy. The launch of AFEN is an invitation to urgent collective action, aimed at capitalizing on France’s economic and innovative strengths, to move it towards a carbon-neutral future and position it as a leader in climate action.

“The creation of AFEN is an important step on France’s road to carbon neutrality. As the sector prepares for growth, the government must react to support the emergence of CDR sectors and maintain its climate leadership”, comments Sylvain Delerce, Associate Research Director at Carbon Gap, the leading European NGO on CDR.

“The launch of AFEN brings us a step closer to our goal of making the European Union the world leader in carbon elimination. With the DVNE in Germany and AFEN in France, Europe’s two largest economies now have platforms dedicated to carbon elimination,” said Sebastian Manhart, Chairman of the Board, Deutscher Verband für Negative Emissionen (DVNE – German Association for Negative Emissions).

Join our mission for a sustainable future

The diversity of AFEN’s membership demonstrates that there is already a united front in this crucial mission. Many CDR players and experts participated in the effort to create the association, with the ambition of materializing for France the local share of an industry with a potential exceeding a trillion dollars worldwide. AFEN is also supported by non-profit organizations such as Carbon Gap and the Negative Emissions Platform and is led by Climework’s former Chief Marketing Officer, Julie Gosalvez. This collective effort is essential if we are to develop, scale up and implement CDR solutions that are effective, scientifically sound, economically viable and socially equitable.

AFEN’s priorities will be to make the various public and private players aware of the need for and potential of CDR, to structure the emerging sector and to mobilize the public authorities to integrate CDR into the national strategy and adopt measures to stimulate demand and encourage supply.

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The launch event on April 4 brings together over 150 participants, including developers and suppliers of various methods, customers and other players in the CDR ecosystem.

The list of founding members includes About Impact, Airfix, Avnos, Bloomineral, Carbon 1.5, Carbon Impact, Carbon Removal Partners, Carbon Time, Carbonfuture, CarbonLoop, CarbonX, ClimeRock, CrystalTrade, Fera Climate Technologies, Herbert Smith Freehills, Marble, Nautilus, NeoCarbon, NetZero, Neustark, Patch, Pronoe, Sinkco Labs, Sirona Tech, Stathmos, Sublime Energie, Terrawatt, Voltigital, Yama Carbon.

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