President Of Kenya Calls On The US To Explore Green Energy Potential Of Africa

President Of Kenya Calls On The US To Explore Green Energy Potential Of Africa - Carbon Herald
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The President of Kenya, William Ruto has issued a statement, calling on the US to review its economic partnership with Africa. He focuses on the potential of the country for green energy and the development of climate change solutions. 

The letter is titled: “Investing in Africa is a win-win for US and Africa.” He also states the continent must be seen as an investment destination, not a trade destination market for manufactured goods.

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The President addressed the US – Africa Summit on The Future of Africa’s Trade and Investment by calling on the US to take advantage of Africa’s huge population, availability of labour, and green energy potential to drive prosperity on a global scale.

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The announcements made by the Kenyan president include:

  • Commitment to working with Kenya to advance space technology
  • Commitment to collaborate towards the establishment of robust Kenya Creative Industries
  • Commitments to working with Kenya towards climate innovations/ carbon removal collaborations and carbon trading technologies.
  • Commitment to mobilizing the network to extend research for the ethical and responsible deployment of ocean-based carbon-dioxide reduction.
  • Commitments to direct air capture, carbon products and waste-to-energy solutions.
  • Commitment to host the Kauffman Fellow Africa Venture Capital Summit in Kenya Sept 2023, bringing 300 of the world’s top venture capitalists to Nairobi.

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US President Joe Biden welcomed Africa’s partnerships at a summit dinner. It was the first such gathering hosted by Washington in the last eight years. 

“The United States is all in on Africa’s future,” said President Biden in front of the 49 African leaders that attended the Washington DC meeting.

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