Pond Technologies Signs Agreement Expanding on Algae Production

Pond Technologies signed a new agreement this week expanding the cultivation of algae. The company has entered into a research deal with BioCarbN Inc – an environmental infrastructure project developer, and AB Agri – a subsidiary of Associated British Foods, to examine the potential ability of algae to reduce carbon emissions in cattle.

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The companies want to explore whether certain strains of algae, when added to animal feed would be able to reduce enteric methane emissions from cattle. 

Current estimates suggest that 10% of animal feed energy is utilized in methane production. That means added algae could potentially translate into feed efficiency and cost savings for producers.

“We are extremely excited to sign this research agreement with BioCarbN, in collaboration with AB Agri and another forward-thinking major agriculture company. The global cattle feed market is over $75 billion USD annually and this represents another step towards commercializing our algae growth platform into globally important markets, across numerous applications,” said Grant Smith, CEO of Pond Technologies.

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If their research is successful, the companies plan to push forward with commercial production of a feed ingredient with microalgae, produced with Pond’s algae growth platform.

The agreement of Pond with two partners on algae development is an important milestone for the company that uses concentrated CO2 streams from industrial sites to feed algae and thus reduce atmospheric carbon emissions. 

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