Poet LLC Calls On States To Embrace Carbon Capture Pipelines

Poet LLC Calls On States To Embrace Carbon Capture Pipelines - Carbon Herald

Poet LLC, the world’s largest corn ethanol producer, said in a statement this week that US states that do not adopt carbon capture pipelines might be ‘left behind’. 

In its statement, Poet also mentioned its own commitment to the climate technology, despite the fact that one of the three major carbon pipeline projects in the country just recently suffered a significant setback.

The pipeline project called the Heartland Greenway is backed by Poet and developed by Navigator CO2, who earlier this week withdrew its permit application for the second time this year. 

Several weeks prior, Navigator CO2 moved to suspend the carbon pipeline permit process in Iowa, and now the company withdrew its application in Illinois. And last month, the project was rejected by regulators in South Dakota – Poet’s home state. 

Similarly, the largest planned carbon pipeline project, which is developed by Summit Carbon Solutions, was also denied a permit not long ago, and the developer is currently asking regulators to reconsider. 

Despite the setbacks, Navigator is also determined to see the project through and plans on resubmitting its applications once a full evaluation has been completed. 

Meanwhile, Poet continues to advocate for the use of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, as its need particularly in the ethanol industry becomes ever more apparent amid increasing demand for environmentally-friendly ethanol and the availability of tax credits that are attracting major investments.

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