Planetary Technologies Announces Ocean-based Carbon Removal MRV Protocol, Calls For Scientific Reviews

Planetary Technologies Announces Ocean-based Carbon Removal MRV Protocol, Calls For Scientific Reviews - Carbon Herald
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Planetary Technologies has published a measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) protocol for ocean-based carbon removals. The company invites ocean scientists and stakeholders to review the MRV protocol and share their input.

The MRV has been reviewed by e-commerce company Shopify, which has supported testing of the technology in the UK, Canada and the US. The goal is to verify the quality of carbon removal credits that Planetary plans to issue for its first public projects, which is set to launch in 2023.

Scientists and stakeholders are invited to review the MRV protocol, which can be found at the Planetary Technologies GitbHub account. The company requests comments before 15 April, 2023. An alternative source for the MRV is available on the company’s website and feedback can be sent to

Mike Kelland, Co-founder and CEO of Planetary Technologies, says: “To address climate change, we need to be ambitious with our approach. For the safety of our planet and people, we need to remove billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air. At the same time, we want to continue safely so we will continue at low levels and grow as we increase our confidence in the safety and efficacy of our approach.”

The company shared its targets of removing over one million tonnes of CO2 every year by 2028 and even gigatonnes by 2050.

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Planetary’s method adds an alkaline substance to ocean water, which lowers its acidity in the surrounding marine environment. This simultaneously converts the dissolved CO2 into a salt, which the company says will remain in a dissolved state for up to 100,000 years.

As carbon dioxide in the ocean has been lowered, excess atmospheric CO2 is then expected to migrate into it, taking advantage of the natural balancing process between the two.

The determine the exact volume of this process is where the MRV protocol will be vital, both to ensure the process works and to issue carbon removal credits are reliable.

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