Planetary Hydrogen: CDR via Carbon-Negative Hydrogen – Live Event!

Solid Carbon: Integrated Offshore DAC x Permanent Storage - Live Event! - Carbon Herald

Today’s episode of “This is CDR” will have Mike Kelland to explain the Planetary Hydrogen’s patented Ocean Air Capture (OAC) technology, which uses renewable electricity to produce carbon-negative green hydrogen.

The event will be live on December 14th, 2021, at 12pm ET. Use this registration link to sign-up for the event.

Mike Kelland is CEO of Ottawa-based Planetary Hydrogen, having transitioned from a long career in software back to his environmentalist roots. In addition to being a seasoned entrepreneur, Mike is an avid canoeist, fisherman, and hiker.

Here is the previous session, in which Open Air Collective discussed SeaChange and its electrochemical ocean CDR that has a huge potential to remove carbon dioxide.

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