Planboo And Omiti Biochar Launch ‘From Bush To Biochar’ Initiative In Namibia

Planboo And Omiti Biochar Launch 'From Bush To Biochar' Initiative In Namibia - Carbon Herald

Planboo – a biochar developer in tropical regions, announced a new partnership to accelerate carbon removal efforts. Planboo teamed up with Omiti Biochar – an initiative in Namibia, developing biochar carbon removal projects focused on community partnerships.

The partnership is marking the launch of the project “From Bush to Biochar” in Namibia’s Erongo region that aims to produce biochar from encroacher bush which cause large environmental problems in the country. 

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Bush encroachment is the excessive thickening of bush at the savannah regions at the expense of grass on Namibian land. Less grass causes wild animal populations to be declining sharply, and some of them are already threatened with extinction. It is also a cause of land degradation and declines agricultural productivity.

“From Bush to Biochar is more than a carbon removal effort – it’s a transformative initiative aimed at turning the country’s enormous environmental problem of encroacher bush into biochar to restore the delicate savannah rangelands, and uplifting the local communities,” according to the company’s announcement. 

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The project is currently starting in Namibia with a local team of 12 people and a timeline of 5 years during which it aims to remove 22,441 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, with potential to scale further. It combines Planboo’s expertise in designing and delivering biochar projects with Omiti’s community-based approach.

“Africa’s abundant natural wealth is a reminder to us that with care and basic innovation we can make a difference without hurting the planet.  For us it is about community and nature and finding that balance for future generations to enjoy the benefits of our actions in the present,” commented Keith Thompson, Operational Director Omiti Biochar on the initiative with Planboo.

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