Plan A And Alphabet International Partner To Reduce Fleet Emissions

Plan A And Alphabet International Partner To Reduce Fleet Emissions - Carbon Herald
Credit: Plan A

Plan A – the carbon accounting platform and Alphabet International – a leasing and mobility provider, announced on July 11th an exclusive long-term partnership to provide fleet managers with the software tools and expertise to account for their fleet emissions, identify and take effective action to decarbonize their operations, and eventually mitigate their climate impact.

The two companies have co-developed software called “Alphabet Carbon Manager” – a first-of-its-kind emissions management and decarbonization platform to measure fleet businesses’ emissions. According to the announcement, Alphabet customers in 11 European markets will have access to the tool, starting in Germany in Q3 with the others to follow later this year.

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The “Alphabet Carbon Manager” automatically maps all the necessary data across Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions, merging them with national emission factors and datasets. It also provides fleet managers with granular emissions profiles and cross-fleet benchmarks in dynamic dashboard overviews. 

It identifies the indicators with the most significant reduction potential, helping customers set science-based net-zero targets and implement industry-specific decarbonization solutions and activities. At the end of the process, the platform produces audit-proof CSRD and ESG reporting.

All platform-embedded calculations and decarbonization solutions are fully aligned with internationally recognized scientific methodologies and standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). The scientific accurateness of the applied Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) calculation methodology is certified by TÜV Rheinland – a world-leading verification body.

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“…I’m very happy to announce today the collaboration with Plan A which will give our customers access to an exclusive, jointly developed Emissions Manager as a part of our holistic consulting approach with Alphabet Emission Consulting that will contribute to reaching their sustainability targets. We know that the fleet is only one part of the carbon emissions from our customers. And with Plan A, we have a reliable partner which is also capable of supporting our customers with a global carbon accounting project including all other business fields related to carbon emissions besides fleet,” commented Markus Deusing, CEO of Alphabet International.

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