Pilot Hydrogen Production Station To Be Co-Developed By Kireina Suiso

Kireina Suiso To Co-develop Pilot Hydrogen Production Station - Carbon Herald
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Japan-based Kireina Suiso, which provides cost-effective clean hydrogen and zero-emission fuel cell solutions to lead the energy transition, has partnered with a leader in CO2 capture technology.

The Japanese company’s hydrogen generator, in combination with a proprietary technology that captures carbon dioxide and transforms it into carbon-negative chemicals, will launch a pilot H2 production station.

Kireina Suiso specializes in the development of a clean hydrogen ecosystem, including the production process, its storage and distribution, and the generation of energy, to help its clients achieve their objectives and decrease CO2 emissions for the long-term.

The company’s solutions for energy supply, recovery, and storage are cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable. Kireina Suiso’s solutions include CO2 capture, power generation, local H2 production for industry and transportation, and energy storage for the long run.

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The company develops, produces, installs, operates, and manages fuel cell systems with an aim to transition natural resources to clean energy and thus aid social and economic growth through cleaner and more secure energy. 

To accomplish its net-zero goals, Kireina Suiso has partnered with a private company that specializes in supporting the decarbonization goals of both consumers of carbon-negative chemicals and companies that emit carbon.

The new partner utilizes an on-site technology that mineralizes carbon dioxide to generate compounds such as calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, and hydrochloric acid, which could then be sold or stored safely. 

“To drive the hydrogen industry forward and move quickly toward decarbonization, we need accessible solutions,” said Hagiwara Enmei, Chief Portfolio Management Officer. “Our technologies provide cost-effective green hydrogen available today when combined with carbon capture. This collaboration, we believe, will be an important component of the energy shift required to combat climate change.”

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