Pilot Energy Welcomes Korean Delegation To Showcase CCS Progress In Australia

Pilot Energy Welcomes Korean Delegation To Showcase CCS Progress In Australia - Carbon Herald

Pilot Energy, an Australian company, will be welcoming a Korean delegation next week (May 23) at its innovative Mid West Clean Energy Project (MWCEP) near Geraldton in Western Australia, with support from Austrade

The delegation, attending the Australia-Korea CCUS Industry Seminar in Perth, is demonstrating its backing for carbon capture and storage (CCS) initiatives in Australia, with a specific focus on Western Australia.

All participants in the Pilot Energy tour have shown a strong interest in carbon capture, storage, and utilization (CCUS) to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and assist South Korea in achieving its net zero goals.

This visit will provide the Korean delegation with a firsthand look at the groundbreaking work being done at the MWCEP led by Pilot Energy, which aims to demonstrate the viability of CCS technology in a real-world setting.

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This meeting comes after significant policy advancements in the CSS industry in Australia. Recently, Northern Australia’s Resources Minister Madeleine King came out with a statement sharing that more greenhouse gas acreage will be made available for CCS as part of the Albanese government’s Future Gas Strategy.

Just one day prior to the announcement of this strategy, the government unveiled a $566 million investment in new offshore mapping programs, which will involve identifying new CCS sites and potential locations for clean hydrogen projects.

The MWCEP plans to utilize the current oil and gas assets of Pilot Energy, as well as existing infrastructure, combined with expertise in renewable energy and carbon reduction, to develop cleaner energy sources. In the initial phase of the project, the depleted Cliff Head offshore oil field will be transformed into a permanent CO2 storage facility capable of storing more than 1 million tonnes per year starting in 2026.

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This move will establish the MWCEP as one of the pioneering offshore CCS projects in Australia and the very first in Western Australia.

The CCS project will have a potential total storage capacity exceeding 50 million tonnes, ranking it among the top 10 CCS projects globally.

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