Pilot Energy And KC8 Capture Technologies To Work Together With Industrial Customers

Pilot Energy And KC8 Capture Technologies To Work Together With Industrial Customers - Carbon Herald
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Pilot Energy Limited – the company developing the Cliff Head CO2 storage project – a carbon capture and storage hub in Western Australia, announced a new milestone to expand its offerings for industrial customers. Pilot Energy Ltd has entered into an MoU with KC8 Capture Technologies Limited – a carbon capture technology provider. 

The two companies will collaborate on offering a carbon capture and storage (CCS) solution with an initial focus on customers near the Cliff Head CCS Project. The initial term of the memorandum of understanding is for 2 years where KC8 will engage with Pilot’s existing CCS team including Technip Energies and provide proposals to potential customers. 

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Under the material terms of the memorandum of understanding the companies will share confidential, proprietary information, technology and ownership of any jointly created proprietary information. The objective is to work together with potential customers to enter into carbon management and carbon capture services agreements.

Cliff Head CCS Project. Credit: Pilot Energy

The Cliff Head CO2 storage project is an integral component of Pilot Energy’s Mid West Clean Energy project (MWCEP). MWCEP will produce over 1.2 million metric tons p/a of low-cost, clean ammonia for export with approximately 99% carbon capture thanks to the CO2 storage project. 

The storage project involves the conversion of the operating Cliff Head offshore oil field into a permanent CO2 sequestration operation capable of storing over 1 million metric tons of CO2 per year on a continuous basis through 2050. The total storage capacity is over 50 million metric tons. 

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“Pilot Energy is thrilled to be working with KC8 and to be backing a carbon technology developed here in Australia. The KC8 team has been focused on the development and deployment of CCS here in Australia since its inception and has an excellent understanding not only of the technologies needed but also the operational considerations that major Australian industrial emitters have about integrating new technologies and carbon solutions into their existing operations. We are extremely excited about being able to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective carbon capture and storage solution which Australian industrial carbon emitters need,” said Brad Lingo, Pilot’s Chairman.

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