Petronas Upstream Business Contracts Envana Software Solutions For Carbon Emissions Management

Envana Software Solutions, a joint venture between Halliburton and Siguler Guff, announced today it has been contracted by PETRONAS Upstream Business to support the emissions management of their portfolio. This milestone engagement with Envana demonstrates PETRONAS’ commitment to sustainability, which helps manage their climate-related risk and supports PETRONAS’ ambition to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050.

PETRONAS’ Upstream Business will utilize Envana to measure, track, and report their greenhouse gas emissions. Envana will also enhance PETRONAS’ data-driven approach to its decarbonization strategy. Envana’s emission management product, Envana Catalyst, offers a centralized and integrated digital solution to facilitate the provision of granular, accurate, and transparent emissions data from PETRONAS Upstream Business’ global asset base. Envana Catalyst supports the analysis of emissions sources such as flaring, venting, fugitive emissions, and combustion equipment on each asset.

Envana is focused on supporting its clients to achieve their emissions reduction targets and ambition to achieve best in class greenhouse gas management. Envana will enhance existing business processes through automation and organization of workflows, the collection and audit of data across multiple constituencies within the company, and the provision of real-time reporting. Envana’s powerful API seamlessly and efficiently integrates with existing PETRONAS Upstream Business digital systems to ensure data connectivity and compatibility.

“We are excited to work with PETRONAS Upstream Business in their sustainable emissions management journey,” said Nagaraj Srinivasan, a lead director of Envana. “Envana’s powerful emission calculation engines, domain specific workflow context and web service APIs will help PETRONAS Upstream Business achieve data driven environmental stewardship.”

“Innovative emissions management solutions have positioned Envana as a valuable solutions provider for PETRONAS Upstream Business and for the broader oil and gas industry. This engagement signifies our collective commitment to driving sustainability and environmental responsibility for PETRONAS Upstream Business,” said PR Panigrahi, Managing Director and Head of Energy Investments of Siguler Guff and a lead director of Envana.

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