Petronas, JERA To Explore CCS Opportunities Between Malaysia And Japan

Petronas, JERA To Explore CCS Opportunities Between Malaysia And Japan - Carbon Herald

Malaysia’s state-owned Petronas, through its subsidiary Petronas CCS Solutions (PCCSS), and JERA, Japan’s largest power generation company, have teamed up to evaluate the feasibility of the carbon capture and storage (CCS) value chain between the two countries.

The companies have each issued a separate statement, saying that they have signed a joint study agreement (JSA) to examine the viability of capturing (CO2) emitted by JERA in Japan and then transporting it to Malaysia for secure storage.

This evaluation encompasses the entire process, including separating and capturing the CO2, determining suitable methods and conditions for its cross-border transport, and organizing its storage in Malaysian gas fields.

Petronas and JERA hope that their partnership can help build a global network for cross-border CCS.

“This agreement signifies a pivotal step towards enhanced collaboration with an important partner. This spirit of collaboration will speed up progression and enrich CCS delivery by leveraging the vast experiences of the two organizations,” Nora’in Md Salleh, CEO of PCCSS, said in a comment.

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Recognizing CCS as pivotal for industries facing challenges to reduce their CO2 emissions, JERA underscores global governmental support and burgeoning initiatives, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Malaysia, with its abundance of potentially apt sites for underground CO2 storage, presents a favorable destination.

JERA is advancing its evaluation of CCS technologies and the associated economic dynamics as part of such endeavors.

With a firm commitment to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions from both domestic and overseas operations by 2050, the Japanese company is intensifying its efforts in this sector.

In 2024, collaboration among industry stakeholders has surged for the CCS value chain connecting Japan and Malaysia.

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