Petrofac Kicks Off FEED Work For Aramis CCS Project In The Netherlands

Petrofac Kicks Off FEED Work For Aramis CCS Project In The Netherlands - Carbon Herald

International energy services provider Petrofac (LON: PFC) has announced the start of the front-end engineering design (FEED) for Aramis, the Netherlands’ flagship carbon capture and storage (CCS) initiative.

Aramis, a collaborative effort involving TotalEnergies (EPA: TTE), Shell (LON: SHEL), Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN), and Gasunie, serves as a solution for decarbonizing challenging industrial sectors in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

The project is aimed at capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial clusters and then transporting it for permanent storage in depleted offshore gas fields beneath the North Sea.

The captured CO2 will traverse onshore pipelines or ships to a consolidation hub in the Port of Rotterdam.

Post temporary storage and compression, the CO2 will travel via a pipeline, capable of transporting up to 22 million tons annually, to multiple offshore facilities.

These facilities will inject the CO2 into depleted gas reservoirs situated 3-4 km (1.9-2.5 mi) beneath the seabed.

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Petrofac assumes a pivotal role in this multifaceted initiative, taking charge of designing the 32” CO2 trunkline, encompassing onshore, landfall, and offshore segments, along with the offshore CO2 distribution hub platform.

Additionally, Petrofac will design a CO2 pipeline connecting the distribution hub to a nearby storage facility, including control and safety systems.

Collaborating with partners Peritus International and Offshore Independents in the Netherlands, Petrofac’s responsibilities extend to offshore trunkline design, landfall design, and offshore installation analysis.

The project will be executed as a fully integrated effort from Petrofac’s consulting hub in Woking, United Kingdom, where Peritus International is also based.

Petrofac emphasizes its growing expertise in supporting clients across the CCS value chain, from emissions capture to the infrastructure necessary for transport and permanent storage.

The Aramis CCS project is positioned as pivotal in the European Union’s pursuit of the goals outlined in the European Green Deal, showcasing the commitment of Petrofac to deploying skills and experience in this endeavor.

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