Pennsylvania Senate Moves Forward With Carbon Capture And Storage Legislation

Pennsylvania Senator Reintroduces Law To Promote CO2 Capture - Carbon Herald
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On April 9th the Pennsylvania Senate approved legislation that would establish the framework for potential carbon dioxide capture, utilization and sequestration. Senate Bill 831, sponsored by Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Williamsport), would create the necessary framework for the state to assume the regulation of its CO2 transport and storage infrastructure.

Prior to its passage in the Senate, the bill received support from the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, as well as a number of other organizations in Pittsburgh and Allegheny-Fayette. The bill moves to the House but no clear indication has been provided on when it will be voted on.

Pennsylvania’s carbon capture potential has been researched extensively in the last few years and coupled with its significant natural gas production and planned hydrogen hubs, the technology could act as a catalyst for the next phase of its energy development.

Similar efforts are also under way in Illinois where from Navigator CO2 Ventures and Wolf Carbon Solutions withdrew their applications in 2023, with Navigator ultimately cancelling its 1,350-mile pipeline.

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Another component of the carbon capture puzzle Pennsylvania is working on is primacy over its Class VI wells that will be used for CO2 storage. As it stands the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees the approval process for all states except three.

The Biden administration’s funding for carbon capture has generated a significant number applications but the EPA has only given a green light to a handful. This prompted an official letter from a bipartisan climate caucus to the EPA, inquiring about the reasons for the delays.

According to AP, the Pennsylvania governer’s administration has indicated that it’s working with the EPA on filing a primacy application.

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