Pembina Institute Presents Case Study On Recent CDR Pre-purchase By MaRS In Canada

Pembina Institute Presents Case Study On Recent CDR Pre-purchase By MaRS In Canada - Carbon Herald

The Pembina Institute has published a case study of a recent groundbreaking pre-purchase of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) credits from five Canadian CDR developers by MaRS Discovery District, Canada’s largest urban innovation hub.

Recognizing the importance of such initiatives, this case study is meant to serve as an educational resource with the primary aim of helping Canadian businesses and institutions, which are relatively new to CDR, understand the process and benefits of engaging in the CDR market.

In April, MaRS announced the first-ever CDR credit deal involving exclusively Canadian suppliers, positioning itself as a pioneer among Canadian charitable organizations in the CDR space.

The CDR market is still in its early stages, making initial purchases like this crucial for shaping the industry’s future.

These early deals provide invaluable insights into best practices and potential challenges, offering a learning opportunity for both suppliers and buyers, the Pembina Institute said.

This knowledge is essential for achieving net-zero targets and meeting the Paris Agreement’s climate goals.

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The Pembina Institute is committed to building resources and materials that facilitate entry into the CDR market, and this case study is a step towards that goal.

By documenting this deal by MaRS, the think tank hopes to encourage more organizations to support and invest in responsible CDR development in Canada.

MaRS’s pre-purchase of CDR credits is a significant milestone in the Canadian CDR landscape, and this case study provides detailed insights and guidelines for future buyers and supports the growth of the industry.

It not only sets a precedent for other organizations but also underscores the importance of early involvement in the CDR market to achieve broader climate targets.

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