Pathways Alliance To Seek Approval For $16.5B Carbon Capture Project

Pathways Alliance To Seek Approval For $16.5B Carbon Capture Project - Carbon Herald

A group representing Canada’s biggest oil sands producers, known as the Pathways Alliance, has announced it will formally request approval for its ambitious carbon capture project this week. 

This $16.5 billion plan involves a massive pipeline stretching 400 kilometers.

This development comes almost three years after these companies joined forces to tackle greenhouse gas emissions from their oil sands operations. 

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The proposed pipeline would capture carbon dioxide emissions directly from oil sands facilities in northern Alberta and safely store them underground.

Pathways estimates this project could significantly reduce emissions for its member companies, aiming for a 32% cut compared to 2019 levels by 2030. 

The alliance anticipates the regulatory approval process to take roughly a year.

For the past three years, the Pathways Alliance has been actively lobbying both the federal and Alberta governments for financial and policy support to make CCS a reality.

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