Patch Launches CarbonOS – A New Operating System For Carbon Credits

Patch Launched New Operating System For Carbon Credits CarbonOS - Carbon Herald
Credit: Patch

Patch – a fast-growing carbon marketplace, announced the launch of a new platform that could help suppliers of carbon credits scale up their businesses. The company introduced CarbonOS – its newest operating system for the carbon market that tracks the end-to-end complex journey of carbon credits. 

The software allows suppliers of carbon credits to ditch spreadsheets and paper contracts. Users can enter data from every stage of the credit lifecycle that is logged throughout the process. Data is visualized to make managing credits easy and error-free.

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The tracking of the credits involves all stages from estimation to actual, to sales and delivery. Users define the process for tracking, and then CarbonOS builds accurate inventory estimates based on that process. It logs users’ actuals based on verified and issued totals to give them a complete view of the credit inventory.

The carbon credits infrastructure software aims to facilitate the process of managing carbon credits as the industry is scaling quickly and is in a need of software designed to handle the complexity of that journey. The software of Patch also aims to increase the credibility of the industry as carbon credits could be accounted for more accurately.

“Having the right tools in place to scale is essential to our business. Before Patch CarbonOS, we manually tracked inventory. But as we grow, manually tracking takes more and more time. Now, we can easily manage available inventory and reserve credits for upcoming re-purchases,” said Leah VanRyn, VP of Growth at Eion, CarbonOS’ client.

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The platform has two parts: credit management and sales & distribution. Carbon credit suppliers can choose to adopt the full product suite, or use only the parts of CarbonOS that meet their needs. The company invites carbon credit suppliers to take a demo to test and see how it can help them manage their credits.

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