Patch And Puro To Create Digital Efficiencies For Carbon Removal Providers

Patch And Puro To Create Digital Efficiencies For Carbon Removal Providers - Carbon Herald

Patch, the infrastructure for the carbon market of the future, has partnered with, the world’s leading carbon crediting platform for engineered carbon removal, to integrate the Puro Registry into Patch’s marketplace and credit management software using the Puro Connect API. Through this partnership, Patch has become the first carbon credit management software to directly integrate a major external registry into their services, ultimately facilitating greater digital efficiency and rigor for those selling within the voluntary carbon market.

Patch CarbonOS credit management system, which currently services over 400M tonnes of CO2, replaces the disparate systems and spreadsheets that suppliers today use to run their businesses, and unifies all critical credit data into one automated platform shared across operations, sales, fulfillment, and finance teams. Partnerships like the one with ensure CarbonOS works seamlessly with other critical systems suppliers need.

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“Together, and Patch are making it easier for project developers to grow their reach and scale with integrity,” said Brennan Spellacy, Patch CEO and Co-founder. “With the integration of the Puro Connect API, Patch’s CarbonOS users will now have the unique ability to scale sales of their CORCs through the Patch marketplace, while marketplace buyers will be able to see real-time CORC availability from suppliers and sync purchases and retirements within one system.” project developers can now choose to use the CarbonOS platform to consistently track their inventory across teams and sync their issuances and deliveries to and from — all within CarbonOS.

When it’s time to deliver credits, suppliers will see all of the relevant retirement or transfer details within CarbonOS and can execute the delivery straight from there, while the delivery will be completed and recorded by This process helps automate the purchasing and tracking process, helping reduce critical errors and build capacity for climate solutions providers. project developers now have streamlined access to Patch’s buyer network, meaning more buyers can now access’s CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs). “Through the integration of the Puro Connect API and Patch’s platform and credit management software, instant access to information increases efficiency. Efficiency is vital for scaling the carbon markets,” said Antti Vihavainen, CEO of

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