Paebbl Announces First Removed Ton Of CO2

Paebbl Announces First Removed Ton Of CO2 - Carbon Herald

Paebbl, a Stockholm-based startup specializing in carbon-negative construction materials, has mineralized its first ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) at its pilot facility, turning it into decarbonized raw materials for the construction industry.

While this achievement marks only 0.0000001% of its overall goal, it is a significant milestone and a crucial first step, the company said in a LinkedIn post Friday.

Paebbl aims to combat global warming by restoring the planet’s carbon balance, with a target of removing 1 billion tons of CO2 annually by 2050.

The company’s process converts CO2 into CO3, transforming carbon from a high-energy gas (CO2) to a low-energy solid carbonate (CO3), known as rock powder, which is then used to decarbonize the built environment.

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Converting CO2 into carbonate rock mimics a natural process where rainwater reacts with rock to form carbonates.

However, Paebbl accelerates this process by a million times, and for every ton of CO2 captured it produces about three tons of rock powder.

By partnering with the construction industry, the company replaces materials that emit CO2 with its carbonate, amplifying its impact.

This year, Paebbl plans to start production from its continuous demo plant, increasing its capacity tenfold, a step that would represent its third scale-up in 18 months.

However, the challenge is immense, the company said, highlighting the need to significantly accelerate efforts to urgently address climate change.

To meet this challenge, Paebbl is seeking to expand its team which is currently comprised of a total 30 staff.

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