Otherlab Makes Groundbreaking Upwelling Tech Free For Ocean Carbon Removal

Otherlab Makes Groundbreaking Upwelling Tech Free For Ocean Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald
Source: Otherlab

Otherlab, a climate technology innovation hub, announced the free, non-commercial use of its revolutionary upwelling technology designed specifically for ocean restoration and coral reef protection. 

This strategic move empowers organizations worldwide to utilize the new technology, accelerating its global adoption.

Developed through the ARPA-E Mariner program, the Trofix Upweller features a unique fan-like design. It upwells nutrient-rich deep ocean water to the surface at a rate exceeding existing solutions by more than tenfold. 

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While the technology arrives at a crucial time during the ongoing global coral bleaching crisis, it offers a range of benefits for ocean conservation.

The Trofix Upweller tackles coral bleaching by bringing cooler, nutrient-rich deep ocean water to the surface, counteracting the detrimental effects of rising ocean temperatures and providing much-needed relief for coral reefs. 

Additionally, increased ocean circulation bolstered by the technology strengthens the natural process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide, contributing to the fight against climate change.

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Upwelling delivers essential nutrients to struggling marine life, promoting a resurgence of ocean ecosystems. This not only revitalizes these vital ecosystems but also acts as a natural source of nutrients, aiding in fishery restoration. 

Furthermore, upwelling encourages the breakdown of pollutants, leading to cleaner and healthier seas.

The system offers a sustainable solution for fish farms by providing an eco-friendly cooling system. It also extends growing seasons and increases yields for seaweed cultivation, boosting the kelp farming industry.

Free License Accelerates Global Deployment

By offering a free, non-commercial license, Otherlab eliminates financial hurdles and red tape, speeding up global utilization of the technology. 

The upwelling device, branded as Trofix, is available for access here.

Jim McBride, CTO of Otherlab, commented: “We believe that access to transformative technology should not be limited by financial constraints.”

“By offering this non-commercial license, we are democratizing access to technology and catalyzing a global movement towards collaborative ocean technology development.ˮ

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