OpenAir Collective Calls On New Yorkers To Provide Support For New Carbon Removal Bill In The City

OpenAir Collective Calls On New Yorkers To Provide Support For New Carbon Removal Bill In The City - Carbon Herald
Credit: OpenAir Collective

A new legislation might be coming in New York City to incentivize carbon removal technology deployment for buildings. The New York Carbon City Property Tax Abatement Act (S.5450 / A. 777) is first-of-kind state legislation that aims to create a property tax abatement to incentivize building-integrated carbon removal technologies in New York City.

OpenAir Collective – the collaborative action towards accelerating carbon removal, is leading a campaign to pass this legislation in Albany before the end of the legislative session in June. OpenAir is urging New Yorkers to support the bill by engaging with their state legislators and contribute to the efforts necessary to pass it. 

The New York Carbon City Property Tax Abatement Act is a new state legislation that aims to cover up 20% of CAPEX expenditure of installing carbon removal technologies in buildings in New York City. 

Christopher Neidl, co-founder of OpenAir Collective, carbon removal policy expert and advocate, shared more about the bill and next steps towards becoming a legislation in the Big Apple.

“New York City was the first major city in the US to pass a netzero law about 4 years ago called Climate Mobilization Act, Local Law 97 of 2019. It is a state legislation just for New York City and part of it is really focused on decarbonizing buildings,” started Christopher. 

The Climate Mobilization Act requires all buildings larger than 25,000 square feet to meet ambitious carbon reduction targets beginning in 2024. “There is a penalty so buildings above this size will get fined if they cross the emissions threshold. A lot of buildings can’t meet that gap for various different reasons, sometimes we can’t just electrify every skyscraper. They need other options to allow them to reduce emissions,” continued Christopher. 

And this is where the S. 5450/A777 Act comes into play. It is an amendment of the Climate Mobilization Act rather than a separate new standalone bill that aims to incentivize building owners to install carbon removal technologies to meet local legislative emissions requirements that come into force this year. 

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The end of the legislation session for passing the bill in New York ends in June 6th, therefore OpenAir Collective calls on all New Yorkers to do these 3 high impact actions to push it forward: 

1. Declare your support for S.5450 / A.777 on social media –

2. Call your New York State legislators

3. Join a Citizen Lobbying Call with your State senator and Assembly member. People can sign up here and OpenAir will be in touch with further guidance. 

“The amendment needs to pass both chambers of the legislatures – the Assembly and the Senate. The bill is already introduced in both chambers by two New York City legislators. Within the chambers of the legislatures it has to move through likely two committees. If it makes it through there, there is hopefully a general vote by the end of the session in June. 

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We are focusing now on engaging with legislators in those committees, on both sides, while trying to let the governor and the mayor know about the Act. Even though it is a state legislation, if the mayor is not supportive of it, it is not going to get passed. We have a very compressed calendar, we really only have a few weeks to pass it. We are trying to get New Yorkers converged on this bill to call their legislators,” explained Christopher.

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