Open Letter To The EU Calls For Low-Carbon Products Strategy

Open Letter To The EU Calls For Low-Carbon Products Strategy - Carbon Herald

In an open letter addressing the European Commission (EC), industry and civil society organizations call for the need to develop a strategy for low-carbon products.

The letter was co-signed by Bellona Europa, CCS Europe, Heidelberg Materials, Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP), Horisont Energi, Yara, and several others. 

The joint appeal is written in the context of the Industrial Carbon Management Strategy (ICMS), which is set to be presented by the EC on February 6, 2024. 

In it, the bloc will outline a plan for industrial-scale carbon management, which will include carbon capture, storage and utilization (CCU) solutions. 

With this in mind, the open letter underlines the significance of implementing policy measures that would help foster a European market for low-carbon products.

The proposed policy initiatives would include the use of science-based methods for measuring embodied carbon, as well as the inclusion of mandatory sustainability standards in the EU procurement rules.

Furthermore, the letter urges the EC to aid the creation of private buyer alliances of companies in the EU, which would help grow demand for sustainable basic materials. 

Due support would also be required for the supply side, as the letter also calls for the establishment of incentives for upstream producers of low-carbon products.

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