Oka And Oregon Biochar Solutions To Bring Insured Biochar Carbon Credits To The VCM

Oka And Oregon Biochar Solutions To Bring Insured Biochar Carbon Credits To The VCM - Carbon Herald
Credit: Oka and OBS GECA

Two innovative companies in the carbon removal sector are partnering to bring more invalidation and reversal insured credits on the carbon market. Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™ (Oka), derisking the voluntary carbon market (VCM), has partnered with Oregon Biochar Solutions (OBS) – a manufacturer of high-quality biochar, for invalidation-insured biochar credits. 

The partnership facilitated by OBS project proponent GECA Environnement (GECA) – an internationally recognized consulting firm providing expert consulting in biochar and pyrolysis, is deemed to set a new record in the VCM and an ambitious new benchmark for high-quality biochar carbon removal credits.

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“OBS and GECA are excited to announce a game-changing partnership with Oka. We believe insurance in the VCM provides an additional layer of trust through diligence, and confidence for buyers looking to de-risk their purchases. Being the first out of the gate with insurance-wrapped biochar credits sets OBS and the GECA portfolio at the forefront of the market  and sends a critical signal of quality to our customers,” said Melissa Leung, GECA’s Director of Business Development.

Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™ is one of the pioneers in the insurance market for carbon credits, created to provide credit buyers with financial compensation in the event of unforeseeable and unavoidable post-issuance risks, including invalidation and reversal.

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“Oka is delighted to be the first insurance provider to underwrite biochar credits, and we couldn’t have found more natural partners in OBS and GECA: two companies continuously pushing the bounds of climate science and carbon market innovation. Amid soaring demand for BCR, risk-protections such as ours will help guide capital towards the highest-quality and most impactful projects,” said Oka Founder & CEO Chris Slater.

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