Octavia Carbon Partners With Klimate.co To Scale Direct Air Capture In Kenya

Octavia Carbon Partners With Klimate.co To Scale Direct Air Capture In Kenya - Carbon Herald

Octavia Carbon – the direct air capture company that builds and deploys the technology in Kenya, announced on Sept 25th its latest partnership with Klimate.co, a company dedicated to accelerating carbon removal technologies. Klimate.co helps companies achieve their climate goals by providing access to high-quality carbon removal projects.

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“Our partnership with Klimate.co is a pivotal step in our mission to position Kenya and Africa as a climate vanguard. Together, we are establishing an alliance to drive DAC as a climate solution that transcends borders. With a shared commitment to creating a sustainable future, we are set to make a lasting impact in addressing climate change,” commented in a post, CEO and Founder of Octavia Carbon, Martin Freimüller. 

“This partnership heralds a significant milestone for both companies in advancing Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology and fostering economic growth in Kenya. As the pioneers of DAC in the global south, Octavia is not only helping to mitigate climate change but also fuelling job creation and supporting research and development, setting a remarkable example of climate stewardship with a socio-economic impact,” also commented Simon Bager, PhD, CIO of Klimate.co. 

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The partnership between the two companies is founded on their shared commitment to environmental responsibility. According to the announcement, Octavia values Klimate.co‘s dedication to supporting the development of carbon removal technologies that are essential in the fight against climate change.

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