Octavia Carbon Announces Carbon Credit Pre-Purchase Of 950 Tons By Klimate.co

Octavia Carbon Announced 950 Tons Pre-Purchase Carbon Credits From Klimate.co - Carbon Herald

Octavia Carbon – a Kenya-based direct air capture company, announced a pre-purchase of carbon credits from its partner Klimate.co – an integrated platform for high-quality carbon removal strategy and action.

The pre-purchase is for 950 tons of credits from Octavia’s pilot direct air capture and storage plant, Project Hummingbird. 

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“As one of the largest-ever pre-purchases in CDR, this is a resounding milestone for Octavia Carbon and for DAC in Kenya. We are in the world’s best place for DAC, thanks to our abundant renewable energy, geology, and talent. Large-scale commitments like this are what allow us to unleash this potential and to push DAC down the cost curve at an unprecedented rate. We are honored to have the steadfast support of Klimate.co, a partner who believes in our work and shares our vision of positioning Kenya as the world’s leading DAC hub,” commented Martin Freimüller, CEO and Founder.

Simon Bager, Climate Impact Officer at Klimate.co also commented on the announcement, stating the role of Octavia Carbon in providing an engineered solution with high potential in removing emissions. He also expressed the company’s commitment to help Octavia Carbon scale to thousands of tons in the coming years. 

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The two companies first announced their partnership in Sept 2023. The goal of their collaboration is to position Kenya and Africa as a climate vanguard and establish an alliance to drive DAC as a climate solution that transcends borders. The companies share mutual commitment to environmental responsibility. According to Martin Freimüller, Octavia is set to make a lasting impact in addressing climate change.

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