Ocean Visions Releases Microalgae Digital Road Map, Hosts Its Biennial Summit In April

Ocean Visions Releases Microalgae Digital Road Map, Hosts Its Biennial Summit In April - Carbon Herald
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Ocean Visions – a notable non-profit organization that works to restore ocean health and stabilize climate change, announced new developments that are highlighting its ambition towards accelerated ocean climate action. 

The organization released on February 22, 2023, the latest in a series of digital road maps designed to accelerate responsible research and development for ocean-based climate change solutions. The new road map covers microalgae cultivation and represents the sixth in the series. 

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Microalgae is known as one of the main tools the ocean has for storing carbon and could play an important role in cleaning up the amounting carbon dioxide pollution. Ocean Visions’ roadmap highlights that more research, along with associated funding and equitable governance policies, is necessary to better understand its potential and risks. 

Furthermore, the road map provides a focused agenda to advance research and development which gives an opportunity for scientists, engineers, cultivators, entrepreneurs, etc. to maximize their contributions. 

Another update from Ocean Visions is hosting its Biennial Summit from April 4th till 6th at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, online attendance is also offered. The summit will aim to share knowledge and solutions to critical challenges at the ocean-climate nexus.

The Ocean Visions Biennial Summit 2023 is structured around five core topics that will be addressed through concentrated, half-day sessions, in addition to other scheduled session times. The topics are:

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  • Ocean-Based Contributions to Global Decarbonization
  • Ocean-Based Contributions to Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Ocean Ecosystem Repair and Regeneration
  • Human Adaptation to a Changing Ocean
  • Building a Global Community of Solvers at the Ocean-Climate Nexus

The organization also released its 2022 annual report: Advancing solutions for ocean climate restoration. The report includes the milestones and work done through 2022 along with goals to achieve looking ahead into 2023. 

The company is focused on supporting the development of a global community interested in innovating and developing solutions to pressing challenges in the ocean-climate link. More information on Ocean Visions’ initiatives can be found here.

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