Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal Pathways – Live Event

Ocean CDR Pathways – Live Event - Carbon Herald

The fourth installement of Open Air Collective’s “This is CDR” series is hours away! This week’s topic is ocean carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and will be live today, August 24th, between 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM EST. Two presenters will be joining the OAC team – Dr. Catherine Jadot and Dr. David Koweek from Ocean Visions and they will talk about ocean CDR pathways, how they can scale in the New York area and the potential for co-locating CDR with offshore wind farms.

You can register for the free event through this link.

Catherine Jadot is Program Lead, Ocean Climate Solutions, and Dave Koweek is Science Director for Ocean Visions, an inspiring organization founded to break down the silos that exist between research universities, NGOs, foundations, business, and government; to link research, development, and deployment processes within a unified framework; and to serve as a network to co-create and deploy equitable, durable, and scalable solutions that can enhance ocean carbon dioxide removal.

The Open Air Collective – a network of volunteers who collaborate on shared projects that push Direct Air Carbon Capture forward in the real world – launched a series of webinars focused on carbon dioxide removal several weeks ago. You can watch the third episode of “This is CDR” which was dedicated to biochar and its potential to capture carbon emissions below.

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