Nūxsen, Poised To Disrupt CO2 Removal Industry, Named Startup Of The Year Finalist

Nūxsen, Poised To Disrupt CO2 Removal Industry, Named Start-up Of The Year Finalist - Carbon Herald

Clean-tech start-up Nūxsen, which is developing advanced direct air capture (DAC) systems, was selected as one of six finalists for the prestigious AMBA Start-up of the Year award.

Nūxsen is poised to disrupt the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry with state-of-the-art electrochemical technology. Nūxsen’s plans include deploying its modular and scalable systems globally both for direct air and point source capture. The captured CO2 will be permanently sequestered underground and in non-reemitting products such as building materials and advanced fuels.

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“CO2 capture is absolutely critical to mitigating the effects of climate change… Our electrical grids and hard to abate sectors will eventually be decarbonized but not for many years. In the meantime, there is still a significant need for fossil fuels. This is why CO2 capture is being embraced by political leaders on both sides,” said Christopher Wight, Nūxsen CEO.

DAC systems currently being deployed use technology which is quickly becoming obsolete. CO2 scrubbers use either liquid or solid sorbents which attract CO2 and then release it using heat. Nūxsen’s DAC systems use electrochemical reactions rather than heat resulting in energy consumption around 30% of what conventional systems use.

“We hope to deploy our systems on a large scale using nuclear power, specifically small modular reactors. It’s a very exciting time for clean-tech,” said Wight. In addition to large-scale DAC, Nūxsen plans to deploy individual modules to manufacturing companies that use CO2 as a raw material. Nūxsen is actively seeking companies in these industries to partner with.

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AMBA (the Association of MBAs) is an international accreditation body for graduate business schools. The Start-up of the Year award is presented annually to the venture that shows the most promise for commercial success. One winner will be announced later this year. All finalists will be recognized for their significant achievements at an awards ceremony to be held in January 2024 in London.

Founded in 2022, Nūxsen is based in New York, NY and is planning operations in Rhode Island, Wyoming, and with industrial users of CO2 nationally.

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