NSTA Opens Consultation On Publicly Accessible Carbon Storage Data

NSTA Opens Consultation On Publicly Accessible Carbon Storage Data - Carbon Herald

The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) – the UK executive non-departmental public body, regulating the oil and gas, offshore hydrogen, and carbon storage sectors, has opened on February 14th a public consultation to determine what information regarding carbon storage data could be publicly disclosed. 

The authority is seeking public views regarding proposals for a set of regulations relating to the public disclosure of carbon storage information and samples. It aims to determine exactly what information and on what timescales should be made public. 

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The consultation will be open until April 12th and will seek opinions on various aspects of the data disclosure regime. Virtual public engagement sessions on the consultation will take place on Thursday, 7 March 2024; 14:00 – 15:00 (click here to register) and Wednesday, 20 March 2024; 11:00 – 12:00 ( click here to register).

Some of the information included in the consultation is: 

  • Well information – according to NSTA high-level well information such as analogous storage sites or adjacent acreage, if publicly disclosed, provides benefits that outweigh any negative impact to the owner of making the information publicly available.
  • Well samples – such samples help companies understand the rocks and strata encountered during the carbon storage process. 
  • Geophysical survey information – the geophysical information such as seismic surveys, gravity, induced polarization, magnetic, gravity, gradiometric, and electromagnetic can be used for the imaging of the subsurface or to monitor the storage site; such information is of significant value for the purposes of understanding the subsurface.
  • Injection information – according to NSTA timely disclosure of injection information at a high granularity (e.g. “per well, per day”) is vitally important to promote public confidence and continued investment into the carbon storage industry. 

“Access to this data will enable users to identify potential carbon storage locations and assist decision-making in this growing sector. We are proud to work with colleagues in industry, government, and other regulators in compiling this vital data resource and building this industry,” commented Nic Granger, NSTA Director of Corporate. 

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This initiative comes in addition to the Government’s commitment to support the industry with the announced in Dec 2023 up to £20 billion investment in the sector. The government also announced then its new vision to create a carbon capture market by 2035. The plan will aim to create a new competitive UK carbon capture, usage and storage market and foster the country as a leader in the CCUS sector.

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