Novata Launches Carbon Navigator To Simplify Emissions Measurement And Reporting

Novata, an industry-leading technology platform and certified B Corp, today announced the launch of the Novata Carbon Navigator, a new solution to simplify carbon data management and reporting. With the Carbon Navigator, users can:

  1. Quickly calculate Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions directly in Novata’s industry-leading platform.
  2. Streamline tracking company data, such as energy consumption, with built-in guidance and an intuitive user experience.
  3. Easily upload company expenses to calculate emissions from supply chains, business travel, and other activities.
  4. Share an investor-grade audit trail when reporting on emissions and meeting regulations.
  5. View benchmarks and analytics to understand performance.
  6. Safely operate in a secure-by-design, ISO-27001 and SOC 2 compliant platform.

This innovative addition underscores Novata’s commitment to delivering a complete solution for sustainability management, enabling companies to effectively track, measure, and report carbon and ESG data seamlessly within a single platform.

As businesses worldwide face increasing demands for transparency and sustainability from various stakeholders, the need for comprehensive ESG data management tools has never been more critical. Novata has developed the Carbon Navigator as a powerful answer to organizations seeking to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint and satisfy disclosure requirements.

“The Novata Carbon Navigator will radically improve the carbon experience for investors and their portfolio companies,” said Mark Fischel, Carbon Product Lead at Novata. To learn more about the Carbon Navigator, visit the website and follow Novata Carbon Navigator, which is both fast and easy to use, meets this demand.”

Since its commercial launch in April 2022, Novata has experienced broad-based global demand, with approximately 6,000 private companies contracted to use the platform. This launch aligns with Novata’s mission to empower private markets to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive form of capitalism. Novata makes it easy for private markets to collect, analyze, and report on the metrics that matter.

“With the Novata Carbon Navigator and our expert ESG Services team, we are now the one-stop solution for data collection and management so our clients can make progress on their sustainability goals,” said Lauren Peat, Chief Revenue Officer at Novata. “Whether it be calculating GHG emissions, responding to regulations, designing an ESG data strategy or making performance improvements – Novata is the solution for companies and investors looking to increase transparency and unlock value with the metrics that matter.”​

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