Norway To Roll Out 100 New Hydrogen Trucks

Norway To Roll Out 100 New Hydrogen Trucks - Carbon Herald
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The H2 Truck project in Norway has announced it will be rolling out at least 100 new hydrogen trucks by 2025. 

Responsible for the ambitious project is general manager of Evig Grønn, Jan Carsten Gjerløw, who described the venture as being led by ‘an elite team of Norwegian industrial players.’

The H2 Truck project is a large-scale investment that will aim to decarbonize the emissions-intensive sector of heavy vehicles, and it includes the entire value chain all the way  from production facility and station developers to the individual transport user. 

In Gjerløw’s opinion, the basis for sustainable development lies in sustainable transportation, whether it be for goods, services or people. 

The first steps of the project will involve setting up the necessary infrastructure that may be expanded in time to meet demand, thus also ensuring faster profitability. 

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Both truck manufacturers and logistics firms are already lined up to set things in motion and lend other players confidence in the H2 Truck project.

Hydrogen station company Hynion has already put charging stations in various locations in Norway that will help with the early testing phase of hydrogen trucks and new stations will be added to locations with higher user demand. 

Other players involved in the project include DnB, Rema, DB Schenker and others, many of which have already made significant contributions in the direction of sustainability. 

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Norway Post and Bring, for instance, has the country’s largest fleet of electric vehicles and has even started the process of restructuring its heavier vehicles. 

And doing so will have a strong impact on Norway’s climate goals. 

According to data from the Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA), the transport sector is responsible for some 30% of the nation’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and trucks have proven more difficult to decarbonize than passenger cars, hence the high importance of the H2 Truck project. 

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