Norway And Switzerland Shake Hands On CCS, CDR Collaboration

Norway And Switzerland Shake Hands On CCS And CDR Collaboration - Carbon Herald
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Norway and Switzerland have signed a Declaration of Intent to bolster cooperation on carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon dioxide removals (CDR), the Norwegian government announced on its website this Tuesday.

The agreement marks a significant step towards fostering sustainable commercial markets for CCS and CDR technologies.

The signing ceremony was conducted during a video conference between Norway’s Minister of Energy, Terje Aasland, and Switzerland’s Minister of Environment, Transport, Energy, and Communications, Albert Rösti.

The Swiss Ambassador to Norway, Nathalie Marti, who also attended the meeting, signed the declaration on behalf of Switzerland.

The governments plan to create the necessary legal frameworks and initiate pilot activities to promote swift implementation and collaborative learning, involving the private sector and other stakeholders.

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Aasland emphasized the importance of CCS and CDR technologies, particularly in Europe, where rapid advancements are propelling the industry forward.

“We need to facilitate long-term investment to enable the industry to take decisions and turn carbon capture and storage into a sustainable commercial market,” he said.

The collaboration aims to accelerate efforts and share expertise in CCS and CDR, essential components in achieving climate goals.

Next week, a Norwegian-Swiss CCS stakeholder event will be held in Zurich, bringing together industry stakeholders to further discussions and collaborations.

Both Norway and Switzerland are committed to ambitious climate and energy policies aligned with the Paris Agreement and recognize that achieving global and European climate targets would necessitate a variety of measures, including CCS and CDR.

Norway has been a strong advocate for CCS, supporting activities from research and development to full-scale demonstrations and international cooperation. In recent years, both countries have intensified their collaborative efforts in these fields.

The full Declaration of Intent is available here.

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