North Dakota Legislators Push Back Against Carbon Pipeline

North Dakota Legislators Push Back Against Carbon Pipeline - Carbon Herald
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Legislators in North Dakota opposing the proposed carbon pipeline project by Summit Carbon Solutions have announced measures to push back against it. 

Namely, Representatives Rick Becker and Jeff Magrum are drawing up new legislation that will prevent Summit from exercising eminent domain to get easements for the carbon pipeline in North Dakota. 

The new rules are set to be introduced in January 2023, when the session begins, and are intended to protect landowners from financial ruin in the event that they take on a legal battle against the company. 

And while many of the landowners, whose property is on route of the carbon pipelines, are not necessarily opposed to carbon capture and, in some cases, even recognize its benefits, their concerns have to do with the violation of their constitutionally protected private property rights. 

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The massive-scale carbon capture project envisions a 2,000-mile pipeline, spanning five states, that will transport captured CO2 emissions from ethanol plants to permanent storage sites. 

And just a few weeks ago, Summit Carbon Solutions, the company in charge of the project, took legal action against some landowners in North and South Dakota who refused to allow survey crews onto their properties. 

Senator John Hoeven, who is a known supporter of carbon capture, stated he had already met with leadership at Summit to emphasize that the company must respect private property rights and refrain from resorting to eminent domain. 

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