North Dakota Is Trying To Stop Eminent Domain For Carbon Pipeline

North Dakota Is Trying To Stop Eminent Domain For Carbon Pipeline - Carbon Herald

Several counties in North Dakota are taking action to stop eminent domain from being used for the planned carbon pipeline. 

The $4.5 billion project led by Summit Carbon Solutions is set to cross five states, including North Dakota. 

However, the project has been the subject of much controversy due to the risks associated with potential leaks. 

Thus, some counties in North Dakota have passed resolutions that would prevent the use of eminent domain for right-of-way for the pipeline. 

Landowners in North Dakota and other states opposing Summit’s proposed carbon pipeline project are actively engaged in meetings and presentations, with the nearest ones to be held in Dickey and Emmons counties. 

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The pipeline is expected to carry liquefied CO2 captured from 31 ethanol plants in the five states and transport it to underground storage sites to be permanently locked away. 

Its total length is estimated to be 2,000 miles and, by helping the ethanol industry reduce its emissions and become ‘cleaner’, the carbon pipeline is expected to help keep the sector viable. 

However, safety concerns continue to be among the dominating objections against Summit’s carbon pipeline project in North Dakota, as well as in the other affected states. 

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