Nordic Greens To Use Captured CO2 In Greenhouses

Nordic Greens To Use Captured CO2 In Greenhouses - Carbon Herald
Photo by Philipp Deus from Pexels

Norwegian greenhouse grower Nordic Greens use captured CO2 instead of burning fossil fuels for plant growth.

Studies have proven that saturated concentrations of CO2 increase photosynthesis and help make the planet greener by promoting plant growth. In this manner, the high amount of CO2 in the air is beneficial for plants but problematic for the climate. 

The most common method of generating CO2 for plant growth in greenhouses is burning fossil fuels. However, this practice has been linked to global warming. 

And hence, it’s high time to adopt a different strategy. 

Using the existing CO2 from the atmosphere for plant growth is the best possible way to balance the ecosystem. 

GreenCap Solutions has come up with a plan to do so. 

Capturing CO2 from the air and using it for greenhouse plants efficiently improves plant growth. After working with various greenhouse growers in Norway, GreenCap Solutions has partnered with Nordic Greens.

How has it worked? 

It took GreenCap Solutions four years to develop a facility that efficiently captures carbon dioxide from the air to be used in greenhouses.

So far, the results have shown that it positively impacts the climate and also has helped speed up the growth of cucumbers and tomatoes. 

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Growers today buy their CO2 or go to a facility that can extract CO2 from natural gas.

Such solutions need many windows to get rid of all the produced humidity. That simply means that highly advanced technology being used today emits a huge amount of CO2 into the environment.

The technology offered by GreenCap Solutions might be a game-changer for the greenhouse industry. People from abroad are already showing great interest in this technology.

GreenCap’s environmental control system (ECS)

Typically, natural gas is used for heating in greenhouses. But with GreenCap’s ECS system, CO2 captured from the greenhouse air and from the air outside using direct air capture (DAC) can provide this heating. The ECS enables year-round production, while ensuring greater resource efficiency and increased yield to make the crop production climate even more neutral. 

Being the first international ECS project, GreenCap is looking forward to working with Nordic Greens to build a safe and sustainable greenhouse vegetable production era. 

The organic vegetable production center of the company in Denmark is where GreenCap’s ECS system is set to be implemented by 2023.

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GreenCap’s patented ECS technology is a sure way to stay climate and resource-conscious in all the productions. It helps both cut emissions and increase crop yields. 

The ECS and DAC technology is said to be applied at the greenhouse facility at Nordic Green to grow organic cucumbers with the help of the captured CO2. 

Norway’s research institute, Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) reported a near-threefold hike in tomato yields from GreenCap’s ECS.

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