Nobon Helps Increase Carbon Projects Credibility And Financing

Nobon Helps Increase Carbon Projects Credibility And Financing - Carbon Herald

A new carbon project development and financing platform is aiming to increase reliability and visibility of carbon credits projects. Nobon is a Stockholm-based FinTech company founded in 2020 with the goal of supporting carbon credit projects in Africa by channeling funding. 

The platform enables carbon project developers to manage their projects with services including management of the entire carbon finance lifecycle, managing inventory and reaching new investors. 

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The platform allows for the use of templates, financial models and agreements to launch the ideal project at lower cost, increasing its chances of attracting investment by companies looking to achieve their climate goals. 

The carbon finance platform also addresses a common problem regarding many nature-based carbon projects in developing countries – local communities involved in the projects usually do not get a large share of carbon credits revenues. As platforms like Nobon help project developers access financing directly and cut the middle man, they increase the share of carbon credit investments that goes to actual project development.

The carbon finance platform is suitable for any type of carbon removal/ reduction projects and supports them in raising equity, debt and blended finance funding while also supporting professional investors in co-investing and syndicating deals.

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