Njord Carbon Secures Funding For Negative Emissions Carbon Capture

Njord Carbon Secures Funding For Negative Emissions Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald

Njord Carbon stands out as a groundbreaking initiative in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) because it achieves negative emissions. 

Unlike approaches that simply reduce emissions from existing industrial processes, Njord Carbon goes a step further by permanently removing and storing carbon dioxide, offering a more comprehensive solution to tackle climate change. 

This progress is fueled by the strong commitment of Njord Carbon’s owners and partners, which allows the initiative to move into the execution phase, significantly strengthening discussions with potential clients.  

These clients are companies seeking the most advanced technology-based solutions for carbon capture, and Njord Carbon’s progress provides them with the confidence they need.

Njord Carbon’s approach centers on locking in biogenic carbon dioxide, which is then converted into tradable Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) credits. 

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These credits are available for purchase on the Voluntary Carbon Market, allowing companies that want to offset their emissions to utilize the most cutting-edge technology for carbon removal.

To further refine its business plan and solidify discussions with potential credit buyers, Njord Carbon has initiated outreach to equipment suppliers. 

These suppliers specialize in various stages of the process, including capture technology, liquefaction, and temporary storage. 

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The information gathered from these interactions will be used to optimize Njord Carbon’s operations and ensure a smooth path forward. 

“We are very excited to see this level of commitment from our owners and JV partners, allowing Njord to move into the execution phase. Further, this will allow us to take the discussions with credit customers to the next level, securing necessary commercial visibility for the business,” said Jon André Løkke, CEO of Njord Carbon.

“Södra is constantly developing our sustainable family-based forestry, streamlining our industrial processes and reducing our emissions. We believe carbon capture and storage strengthens our long-term work towards an increasingly positive effect for the climate,” said Andreas Hörnfeldt, Head of new business at Södra Innovation.

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